As our country prepares to cross off another Independence Day celebration, I find myself reminiscing about the previous years that I have been a pastor on this holiday. It's as though our country is dealing with some kind of a major politically-charged, divisively-polarizing issue during this time each year. Whether it's social justice movements, immigration policy, or simply a recent presidential election, it's hard to get past the attacks made from both sides in hopes that a solution will be found on whatever side of the issue you are on. And no matter what happens it seems as though we never progress in any direction.

If I'm honest with you, many of these attacks break my heart to watch... God created us all to be beautifully and uniquely different. It's what helps us learn from one another, it's what helps us grow. It's what makes our numbers stronger than one. We were created to live for God and each other. We were created to compliment one another. So what's the solution to all the divisiveness then?! How do we get past it? How do we work through it? Well, I think it all starts with one powerful statement that Jesus proclaimed: Love. Thy. Neighbor.

Love Thy Neighbor

July 1st, 2018