So often, we make the mistake of thinking that the world we experience in our daily lives is the same world everyone else is experiencing. This is a mistake. Today, there will people that don't get to eat. Today, there will be people that walk miles and miles just to get clean drinking water. Today, there will be so many that will not even know what the Gospel is. This brings to question, "So, what?" What is our responsibility? How do we step into all of the brokenness? How can we address these situations or better yet, how do we show true compassion to those in the world that don't get to experience the blessings we have each and every day? Join us this November for Missions Month, where we strive to focus on the importance of what Jesus modeled and called us to do as well: Pray. Send. Go.  


November 25, 2018


November 18, 2018

Jericho Ministries + Compassion

November 11, 2018